NFT's to Support Workforce Development

Pragmatic Action.

The highest impact action we can take to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector is to convert the 500MM fuel-powered vehicles on global roads to electric-drive.

Once in a generation opportunity.

Achieving the carbon reduction goal will require us to build a workforce of more than two-million technicians, who will earn a starting wage of more than $50,000 per year, and a supply chain of more than 300,000 new small businesses. This is a huge opportunity!

Workforce Development Aligned with climate goals

Converting a fuel-powered car to electric-drive removes 6 - 11 metric tons of COS emissions. The task of converting existing cars to electric requires creating millions of new jobs. That's direct alignment!

Work That Pays A Great Living

Conversion techs can expect to start at $50,000+ per year. Those who choose conversion bay ownership can expect their small business to earn an average of $1,500,000 per year.

Teaching Fuel-drive to Battery-drive conversion is an exceptional way to raise living standards and provide a pathway to generational wealth.

We Know That When Families Earn More

Everything Gets Better

Help Launch A movement!


An NFT project to change the world by elevating lives.

We're electrifying, in a pragmatic way, the 500MM legacy, gasoline-powered vehicles in the world, and training thousands to earn a good living doing the work.

These NFTs will help train the first 1000 technicians, and provide new work spaces for their EV conversion work.

An NFT that matters

A Community NFT Campaign for Self-Development.

These 4 Donation NFTs are a part of a campaign to fund education and workforce development around the new industry of converting gas-powered vehicles to electric-drive.

To meet climate change goals we need to do more than make new electric cars. We need to convert the 500MM legacy gas vehicles on global roads to electric drive, as well.

The goal of this campaign is to education ONE Million Technicians and create 300,000 small businesses related Retrofitting and the resulting supply chain. 

We have worked hard to add value to this meaningful NFT campaign. NFT Holders Get Access to Gated-Content - On a private website that provides:


Every NFT Provides Access to Progress Reports:

- Roadmap Progress Reports: Hold us accountable, with Quarterly reports. (Only NFT holders, Government Agencies, and Institutional Partners have access).

- Quarterly, Video Status Report From Senior Management

- Seminars and Live-Streams About Opportunities in this new industry.

- Profile Pages of students & businesses funded by the program.

  • - VIP Admission to all company events and ribbon-cuttings.

NFT's go live March 15th @6PM

Support at Every Level Helps

Together, we will achieve something incredible!

$79 Supporter NFT

Thank You, your support matters. You're entitled to recognition and rewards for helping with this globally important workforce development campaign.

$349 Contributor NFT

Support at the Contributor level gives our campaign locomotive force, and we've designed this NFT to show you our appreciation.

$1000 Partner NFT

With your support at the Partner level, we know you are serious about supporting workforce development, and this NFT provides outstanding rewards for your generosity.

Artwork by ukranian artist: Diana

$100,000 Sponsor NFT

The Sponsor NFT is for those who want to educate a student and launch them into business. At this support level, we will also retrofit a vehicle for you!

A great nft campaign needs a secure wallet

Partnering with UPSTREAM, which is a MERJ Exchange Market, means we're partnered with the best! Their plaftorm provides enhanced security and functionality, including FDIC insurance on your digital wallet holdings.

We Know Security Matters.

More About Upstream | Understand The Purchase Process


Retro by Exeeder has the right technology, the right partners, & the most EV conversion experience, at the right time, in history. Every government in the world wants to take their transportation fleet electric, and we have the solution to their legacy, gas-vehicle, problem. We eliminate the old fleet by converting it to electric-drive.

Retro by Exeeder is a division of Derek Automotive Technologies and has exclusive rights to integrate it's battery charging systems and vehicle operating systems. These integrations make our converted vehicles as 'smart' as today's new electric vehicles.

We convert
all classes
of vehicles

We convert the vehicles other can't!

Our Experience Means


Our students will lead the industry

Global Opportunity

Conversion is needed
in Every Country

Years of growth and development!

High-end Classic conversions

Provide our students with massive opportunities!

This nft campaign has an ambitious mission!

1,000,000 new jobs
300,000 New Businesses

Your support determines our success.

thank you in advance

For your support!


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